Welcome to my Detox for Life programs


I’m so happy you understand your body needs your loving attention.

Detoxification is a major missing link with health today.

Heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, toxins and poisons saturate our environment, and our bodies have become toxic dumping grounds.

Your brain, endocrine system, gut, organs and energy are massively affected by all of these pollutants and you need to detox in order to lower your bodies toxic burden.

With the alarming increase of:

  • Thyroid dysfunction/Adrenal fatigue
  • Chronic Fatigue (lack of energy)
  • Depression/Anxiety/Brain fog/Lack of Motivation
  • Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s/Dementia/Autism/ADHD
  • Fibromyalgia/Inflammation/Pain/Arthritis
  • Psoriasis/Eczema/Gout
  • Leaky Gut/Candia/Food sensitivities

The health issues list (sadly) goes on and on nowadays and you really can’t risk not taking action right NOW; take it from me, life is no fun when you’re so sick you can’t get out of bed for years!

My passion is a result of my own health battles, and how I recovered my health, mental clarity and motivation.

I am now living vibrant proof that detoxing works.

My aim is to provide educational detox courses, retreats and tailor made plans to help you recover and/or increase your health, mental clarity, motivation and happiness.

If you would like to read some more on this please click HERE. 

There are three packages to choose from;

Starter plan, Coaching Plan and One-month holistic detox plan.

Starter Plan:

A great way to learn how to live a ‘Detox For Life’ lifestyle!

  • One month’s coaching
  • 1 hour consultation before the start of the cleanse (this will be the only 1-2-1 contact you will have with me, as all the information needed will be online for you… or you may choose to upgrade to the coaching plan)
  • 3-Day’s supply of all detox supplements that will be needed will be posted to you. If you want to carry on with a detox lifestyle afterwards, I can give you links where you can choose to purchase more supplements, which will cost you around £100 – This is for UK based participants only.  If you live in another country you will either find the same brand or one similar..
  • Access to the private Facebook page – where you can interact with the other detox members, find more detox and health tips and have group conversations with me and others, where I will support the whole group during the 3-day detox.


Coaching Plan: Four additional hours of health and detox coaching:

This is the best options for those of you who have never done a juice fast or a cleanse before:

  • Includes everything already mentioned in the Starter Plan
  • Additional 4 x 1 hour video skype coaching sessions or whatsapp messaging during the cleanse and the following 2 days after.
  • Uniquely personalized health and detox coaching and advice on how to deal with your individual health concerns or issues.


One Month holistic tailor-made detox and health plan:

This is the best option if you have some more pressing health concerns or have amalgam fillings:

  • All as above in the Starter Plan, with an additional one and half hour consultation and full history assessment
  • Tailor-made plan fitting in and around the 3-day detox
  • Ten more hours of 1-2-1 coaching
  • One-month personalised detox and food plan.
  • We can also include some emotional wellness coaching with meditations, EFT, yoga and fitness plans.


Add On Therapies:
You will need to be either in Brighton or London for these sessions.

  • £80: One & half hour lymphatic drainage deep tissue massage with Acupuncture, dry needling with stimulation & cupping therapy for
  • £40: One Hour Kinesiology Testing

 Additional costs that you will have to encompass:

Organic and some non-organic fruit and veg which will come to around £40 for the three days, which may cost a little bit more than your normal shopping but it will be worth every penny!
(and remember that you won’t be spending on your ‘normal’ food shopping during this time).

There are also other optional detox aids which may include;

Body brush, Enema kit, Sauna and a few other that I will teach you about, but it is also perfectly okay if your budget can’t accommodate those right now… baby steps work well too.

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Payments are needed in full via Paypal or bank transfer to claim your spot

(Please note; due to the personalised aspect, I am deliberately restricting the numbers for each detox cleanse)

You can also join my Facebook page where I share inspirational detox and health tips and my up to date information about upcoming courses and retreats:

Prevention is far better than a cure – and cheaper!!

Wishing you a healthy and happy rest of your day,

Your Detox Coach,

Paris Knight


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