My personal battle with Mercury poisoning is the main reason why I work as a detoxification, or as I prefer to call it, a Chelation specialist.

Our world is toxic; this is the truth of the matter.  There is no way to avoid it.   I know that sounds all doom and gloom and I will be honest it is causing epidemics of health issues and deaths all over our world, along with catastrophic damage to our Earth but I am a positive solution-focused person.  There is always a way to counterbalance and find resolutions.

You can read how and where we receive our most common toxic loads in my blogs and resources so I won’t go into the stats and the more scary information now as I really want to focus on the lighter more positive side of how you can recover and prevent ill health.

Chelation is the removal of anything that is present in the body in a higher volume then the body requires or is a foreign element, both of which will cause damage to any biological living being; animals and humans alike.  Including but not limited to; heavy metals – Mercury, Aluminium, Lead, Arsenic being the top culprits – pesticides, toxins, GMO, MSG, PCB, mould… the list goes on.

How I work:

My education has been inspired by my own life and health battles.  I have been my own lab rat!

The education I gained from recovering my body and mind has provided the pathway to how I work with others 121 and in my retreats.

In it’s simplest description I design an individual detox plan using Western and Eastern natural medicines and methods.  I use kinesiology muscle testing to discover if the programme works for the body.  I use Acupuncture to take the pulse and see how each organ is dealing with the physical and emotional situation.  I then place needles in the body that will help rebalance all the systems – physical and emotional.

I use the following when I can but sometimes they are not at my disposal; vitamin and mineral supplements, diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, distilled water, psyllium husk, colloidal silver, activated charcoal, homeopathy, mother tincture, essential oils, coffee enema, infrared sauna, Epson salt baths, colonic hydrotherapy and IV & rectal ozone are to mention a few of the methods.

There are ways that will bulk and bind the damaging elements, support the liver and kidneys and heal/clean out the intestines by using all natural and organic, where possible, detoxification/Chelation supplements and methods.  I also like my clients to go on a juice fast which gives the body a chance to rest and recalibrate with a high nutrient boost – organic juice wherever possible.

Why we need to detox for life:

Again I don’t want to delve into the more scary and depressing side of our toxic world and how it damages our bodies but I do feel ignorance is no longer bliss.

If I had known what I now know 14 years ago then I may not have suffered for as long as I did and my life may have been a much easier one.  I feel it is my duty to share my education as it may stop or limit how much you suffer now or in the future.

It is very hard for me to simplify and minimise the health issues caused, as there is a multitude of them, and I feel passionate to educate others to empower them to make wiser choices.  I’ve had a few good friends jokingly tell me I am ruining their lives by telling them how toxic their products, foods and environment is but they all hear the truth in it want to make safe and healthy changes.

To me, one of the top health offenders is Mercury.  Along with the Monsanto pesticide glyphosate, lead, aluminium and PCB.   Each metal acts in a different way, they can mimic our essential minerals and trick the body into thinking it has all it needs so when the body goes to use it it isn’t actually there, little tricksters that they are, which leads onto damaging deficiencies and imbalances that affect the whole system, especially the endocrine/hormone system, hence why we have an epidemic of autoimmune diseases and thyroid conditions.

Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and ME (#MEaction) are all now being proved to be a by-product of heavy metals and pesticides.   Chronic fatigue is a mitochondrial issue, our ATP energy cells are dysfunctional which is directly linked to gut health.  The top offenders I have already mentioned massively damage gut health… I think you’re getting the picture now!   Not to forget the rising infertility and erectile dysfunction issues, which is also a by-product of our toxic load.