Deep Tissue Dry Needling Stimulation Treatments

Testimony by Helen Noakes. We treated lower back & intestine pain and 2 large burns.


After many years giving treatments as a sports therapist/physio I found I could offer help in reducing pain and restoring pain-free full range of movement but it would sometimes take quite a few treatments and the deep tissue trigger point therapy massage could cause pain and bruising.


I went on to learn trigger point dry needling with a stimulation machine, cupping, muscle testing and the main Acupuncture points to compliment my work.


Deep tissue massage, trigger point dry needling and cupping have been proven to reduce pain and movement restrictions and promote rapid healing. Include the use of a needle stimulation machine and your body will be given an instant powerful message to do all it can to heal and restore the area back to normal function.


The stimulation machine delivers an electrical pulse to the point where the needle is inserted directly into the trigger point. This stimulation offers a multitude of healing. It causes the muscle to contract and relax for however long the treatment lasts – which is normally around 25 mins, promoting the production of pain receptors to the area of pain, which bring total pain relief or pain relief for days to weeks. It also creates a lymphatic flush, which clears away the blockages that may have been causing the issue. Due to the stimulation, the brain is given a strong message that there is an issue that needs attention and all the healing properties will be sent to the area for the next 48 + hours.


I have been astounded at the speed at which I have seen my client heal since combing dry needle stimulation into my sessions. I have seen people hobble in, bent over in pain unable to fully stand up and see them walk out totally out of pain with full function and a massive smile on their face.


There is no greater satisfaction than to see someone so happy to be out of pain and back to living his or her life to the full and I like to get this achieved within 3 sessions.


Pain can be surprisingly difficult to deal with. It can drain your energy, change your personality, steal your sleep and make you feel like life is so hard to handle. Where the pain is coming from can be very complicated to answer yet there are a few simple steps to reducing pain and restoring the body back to the one you love and missed.


I studied to be a deep tissue trigger point sports therapist, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in 2004. This was the beginning of my insatiable curiosity and appetite to learn how the human body, mind, emotions and spirit all work and how they each affect the other.  My life went on to be the greatest teacher and school of all, as my own son became very sick with cancer and my own health struggles lead me on to studying how to naturally heal my son and myself (read more about my journey here:


I love my job so much so it doesn’t feel like a job, which is apparently one of the main goals for happiness and health – to do what you love.


Here I am with one of my Indian clients at the Acupuncture School’s I studied at in Goa, there is a free clinic where I work at sometimes to keep my training up to date: