Our life experiences can shape us and deliver us to our purpose.

My life has done just that…





Here I am with one of my Indian clients at the Acupuncture clinic

in Goa where I trained, worked and

hold detox retreats in the winter.







Life is challenging.

How we deal with the challenges we face will determine our health and happiness, which, for most, is not something that comes naturally. I had to learn how to live a healthy and joyous life – it didn’t come naturally to me, and it really is a daily practice of self-love.  


I believe there is nothing more important than taking care of your mind, body and spirit.


I have been extremely passionate about health, wellness and fitness for the past 25 years.

After many years of education, understanding the best tools, methods and techniques, I am now able to fast track others in their plight to taking care of their mind, body and spirit.

I started my professional career very early in life as a singer and dancer travelling around the UK and the USA. I then became a mother at the age of 25 and decided to have a change of career. In my 20’s I trained as a personal trainer, sports therapist and nutritionist and built a successful self-employed business in Brighton – UK.   

My life took a rather shocking turn in 2003 when my 3-year-old son became very sick and was diagnosed with cancer. After four years of chemotherapy Keiton, my son, passed away. 

The photo below is my son and me on holiday together when he was six years old.  He has been my biggest teacher and I will forever be grateful to him.

Losing a child is said to be the worst life event that could ever happen to a person and I would agree, but what is often gone unsaid is that it is also one of the most transformational gifts life can offer, that is if you let it be.

I transitioned into natural medicine and therapies after I lost my son to cancer. During this time, I also became very sick myself which highlighted the effects of chemicals, and how they often do more harm than good. I spent ten years learning the mind – body – spirit connection for prevention and recovery of ill health and how one cannot be healed without addressing the other.

I now work with a combination of Eastern and Western methods and new age cutting-edge therapies that work either on the body or the mind.

The years that closely followed my son’s passing were incredibly hard and painful for me, not only due to the grief but due to my health breaking down to the point of not being able to physically or mentally function. I knew there was something deeply wrong with my body, far beyond the effects of losing my child.

Losing my son to cancer and becoming very sick myself I found my passion and inquisitive mind for health and wellness was greatly inspired.

I was determined to understand how such a young child could die from cancer, as the mainstream medical system (Allopathic) says there is no explanation for my son’s type of cancer, Leukemia, and I could not accept this.

I spent thousands of hours researching and studying, looking for answers and explanations.  I was also determined to heal myself, knowing that I could do with a lot of time and dedication. This is where my journey into Natural medicine began.

In 2008 I went to India, Goa and it was here I learnt yoga and how to meditate. I started my journey of discovering how the body functioned on a cellular level, how our world is now polluting us and preventing our bodies from being able to function fully. I have since been living between India, Bali and the UK, learning the eastern philosophies and becoming a yogi.  

I have come to love, respect and embody the Indian Sanskrit’s. One particular expression has moved me the most; ‘Ahimsa’.  This is one of the cardinal virtues and an important tenet of Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. I embody Ahimsa as to harm another, is to harm to one’s self.

After a few years of educating myself, I came to understand the main cause of my health problems and why my son became so ill; I had heavy metals (Mercury) poisoning.

Two months before I fell pregnant, at the age of twenty-four, I returned to the UK after living in America for four years and was told by my dentist that I needed ten fillings. I did not believe I needed that many fillings at such a young age but my dental work at that time was on the NHS which meant the dentist would get paid for any dental work he performed on me.

I had ten silver amalgam fillings put in my mouth. Amalgam fillings are made of half mercury and a mixture of tin, copper and silver.

I became instantly sick after having the fillings put in and I now understand how, as a mother, we pass on our toxic burden to our unborn child. My mercury levels would have been extremely high after having ten fillings and my son would have taken on a lot of that mercury burden while growing in my belly – which explains why he became so sick at such a young age and may have been the main causation to the break down of his cellular function which ultimately led to his cancer.

I felt amazingly healthy during the pregnancy, which makes sense when understanding that my baby was taking most of my mercury poisoning. Two months after I gave birth my own mercury levels built up to a high level again (as mercury leaches out of each filling every day) and I became so sick I couldn’t even take care of my newborn.

It took ten years from when I had the fillings put in to discover it was the fillings that were at the core of my son’s illness and mine. Mercury poisoning.

More and more studies and proof of evidence from the symptoms millions are suffering from today are showing how many health issues are linked to heavy metals, pesticides, toxins, EMF and so much more. We are consuming far too many damaging elements via food, water, air, creams, dental work, medications and the many ways our world is now become so dependent and engrossed with all the above.

I continue to be amazed, impressed, inspired and thrilled with the brilliance of the human body, mind and spirit. How we can do so much harm to ourselves and yet the body continues to allow us to get up, breathe, speak and survive…  That is until it doesn’t!

I discovered how to live a healthy and happy life the hard way and I share my education, passion and wisdom with others, as I believe this is my purpose in this life.

We are here to live our purpose. My Acupuncture teacher taught us the eastern understanding of what happens to our body and minds when we stray off our true path in life.  

I truly understood how the body is unable to cope with the many physical, mental and environmental challenges when we are not living our purpose in life. I have seen how true this is within my own life and from working with hundreds of others throughout my 25-year career.

There is an undeniable ‘Mind – Body – Spirit’ connection for health and happiness and I work with others by addressing each of these holistic levels. I have seen what works best for one person does not always work best for another. Yet, there is a basic lifestyle that the body and mind can heal and thrive from, a lifestyle that most do not live by due to many different reasons.  

My main goal in life is to build my business and career so I can help others of a much larger scale. I want to be able to provide online education courses, run detox retreats around the globe and finish writing a book I’ve been writing for 12 years now!

I would also like to share a healthy and love filled life with a man who shares my passion and drive for health, happiness and adventure.

With 25 years of education from the west and the east, hands on experience and personal health & life challenges, my passion and drive continues to inspire me to stay on the cutting edge of natural health and fitness advancements